About Us

Tami begins as a range of luxury high quality nail polishes in which we plan to grow and become a Premium Scottish Beauty and fashion brand.

Our polishes are 10ml in size, we don't test on animals and we also don't sell to countries or shops that do. Our polishes are made in Scotland by the same factory as nails inc and leighton denny but with our own unique formulations. 

With Tami you not only get top of the range high quality products we also offer expert advice about all aspects of health, beauty and fitness 

Tami Beauty is the creation of its founder Charles Rogers - a highly qualified and experienced fitness&health professional and beauty expert at just 25 years old. I have over 9 years experience in the fitness, health and beauty industry and working in many different roles and working with many different clients from athletes to celebrities to general public i have always produced exceptional results and improvements  in their beauty, fitness and health goals and issues they want to eradicate and improve on.

I decided to create Tami with the input from my girlfriend and the ladies in my family. I have a big passion for health beauty and fitness and really wanted to start a brand that covers it all and with the girls and the team at the lab at our manufacturer we had a great time producing some beautiful nail polishes to start with and we look to improve and add on this and grow into more beauty and fashion departments.